Download 【SRPG】魔界ウォーズ v01.19.02 MOD ( 3 Version )

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 - Android

【SRPG ズ 魔界 ウ ォ ​​ー ズ v01.19.02 – Simple and easy to start, no requirement for direct simulation RPG schemes.
the tutorial we are holding a gacha tutorial where we could redraw as many times as i need before hitting a favorite character !!

■ What is Makai Wars?
In 2004, the personality “Asagi” was declared “the protagonist of the work to follow” by Nippon Ichi Software.
“Asagi” was able to float like a hero around the world without any problems. But, no matter how many decades Asagi created the main character function, the period of years arose once ……
And in 2018… Eventually, Asagi provides the departure of the hero “Makai Wars”!
The Disgaea Series exceeds 3 million copies worldwide and the “Kurasu Dorushiru” sports smartphone exceeds 6 million downloads in total excellence !! Here is the combined work “Makai Wars” is born !!

■ History
A high school student who is moderately complimenting everyday, Asagiri Asagi
One day I was enjoying the calm One day, once I woke up with a peculiar dream… what happened there was “Makai”!
Unexpectedly The mysterious goddess “Freya” who seemed surprisingly saying “Fight!” Or “You're God,” get involved in a variety of things, it's hard enough!
I don't understand that well but I suppose it was awful !! This is my story !!!


PG SRPG】 魔界 ウ ォ ​​ー ズ Screenshot 1PG SRPG】 魔界 ウ ォ ​​ー ズ Screenshot 2PG SRPG】 魔界 ウ ォ ​​ー ズ Screenshot 3PG SRPG】 魔界 ウ ォ ​​ー ズ Screenshot 4



  1. Weak enemy atk
  2. Weak Enemy Def
  3. Always player


  1. MOD v1 + OneHitKill


  1. Autowin

Note: Remember to continue below. Don't forget to level up your character before continuing.


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