Download セブンズストーリー v1.24.3 ( One Hit )

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 - Android

History of Sevens v1.24.3 – Tactical RPG of the legendary "Sevens History" is
Game for the players "force" "goodness" as it is,
Wear a beautiful visual variety of new elements, came back!

■ History
Adventurous boy Alf and Rabbi finds a memory loss-girl, Seputimu,
It took the female heroine Farmer, the journey to the sleeping ruins of MaboroshiAkirajuu.
It is not imagined in its beginner, it was the beginning of a great adventure.

■ game features
In the intuitive operation of the smartphone, unique large-scale tactical battle!
Tranquility, even for beginners, you Chao Omakaseshi the following action with the touch of a button when in doubt!
A variety of companion units, organize the only party yourself.
He defeated a formidable foe, making full use of personality and skills, tactics!
Customize the unique ability to replace accessories!
And advancing the story, you can summon a super-strong MaboroshiAkirajuu!

■ RPG Still training !?
Can be harvested a great favorite food – carrot rabbi in the "Garden"!
Rabbi, if you eat the power of carrots!
Toka is also Gem carrot, and unique items can enter …?

■ I compared strength in the arena!
Increase your favorite drive, other players and the gravity of the game!
Raise the pride rank of the party by trying to get the title.

■ Beautiful voice actors decorate the adventure!
Alf: Marina Inoue Rabyi: Ryoko Shiraishi
Seputimu: Imai Asanatsu Farumea: Asami Seto

Rena Ueda Hisako Kanemoto Hidenobu Kiuchi Shinpachi Tsuji
Yoshimasa Yoshimasa Hosoya Yuri Hara Sayuri Hara Yusuke of Kobayashi
Aoi Yukaki Susaki Higashiyama Aya Megumi Ban Nao
Kenji Nomura Hidaka Ishihara Rina Natsuo Natsuko Kuwagai
Sudo Kou Ayumi Murase Kobori Yumi Yuka Otsubo
Daiki Yamashita Yuko Hara Kaito Ishikawa yurin
Haruka Yamazaki Yumi Uchiyama SakuraSaki Sen'yo
(Titles omitted)


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