Download バハムートラビリンス-放置系本格ファンタジーRPGxアクション-(バハラビ) v1.1.1 – RENUXZ

Sunday, February 24th, 2019 - Android

Bahamut Labyrinth – Full System RPGx v1.1.1 Abandoned Action – 【Limited time offer】 Gacha 34 times present!

【Bahamut Labyrinth (Bahárabi) Game Introduction】
Large-scale fantasy RPG that covers all 4 phases of Chapter 2000, even if it's a game!
· Operation is simple, play with car battle!
· More than 60 heroes, like a woman running in one direction, will search!
Reinforcing jewelry to educate characters personalities, reinforcement equipment!
· Strategic parts company system
· Subcontents released by the advance of drama can be realized!
Make the most powerful alliance with your friends!

【Game System】
1. Push the dungeon!
Dungeon in narrative of more than 2000 steps.
Conquer the change to an underwater maze, where it is possible to live the boss who blocks mythical myths and myths and conquer the boss of Baka from the land!

2. When you leave, you will be powerful!
The game that is crunching works if overlooked!
In addition to dungeon advancement, skill activation during battle and conflict, level up and collection of equipment,
Leaving it will probably be powerful! Activation can be invoked manually using skills that are strategically!

3. Strategic party system
The characteristics of "fire, water, tree, light, darkness" are contained of the hero who looks as good as the fighting demon,
Skills and attributes are given.
To get there is a superior enemy in power, the formation of celebration is the trick to success!

4. Sub content ready!
Platform PvP "Arena" rival among consumers, 1-week battle "Tower of trial", fight with the resident manager in the dungeon "Dragon Festival", "team war" to challenge customers with each other and guilds Different content, including "Alliance Chase" that challenges boss creatures with everyone else is full!

5. Heroes with voice actors that are awesome
More than 60 famous mythical and historical heroes (personalities) will appear!
Akari Uehara, Masato Ishikawa, Miko Komatsu, Yuko Komaki, Shizuka Ishigami, Kenjiro Tsuda, Kazujiro Kazuro, Aki Kazuhiro, Tamura Yukari, Sho Nogami and many others join us! Personalities and women are coming up!

6. About subscription

By purchasing the 600 yen eligibility per month, you can get benefits like reductions and subsidies from products that are in-game.

· Honorable membership credentials will be valid for one month from the date of purchase. In addition, the membership qualification is renewed automatically and the fee will be charged upon renewal. The definition of a single month is as follows.
Until the date of the purchase month or automatic renewal date
Example) If purchased or restored on January 1, the honorary membership is valid until February 1
If there is no month of day than the day of the month
Example) If purchased or restored on January 31, the honorary association is valid until February 28

Payment will be charged to a Google Play account.

· Automated billing will be charged within 24 hours after the end of the interval.

· In case of cancellation, please take the cancellation process more than 24 hours before closing. If this is the circumstance, the update will not be performed.

· The cancellation process after purchase can be made not from within the program but from the Google Play Store menu of a subscription.

You will not be eligible for benefits if you cancel your subscription.

Upon completion of the contract duration · Cancellation of members in use will probably be canceled.

· If you become a member, even when there is a free trial period provided in the campaign, the free range will be discarded.



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