Download ポコロンダンジョンズ v6.17.0 ( Weak Enemy )

Monday, April 8th, 2019 - Android

(I.e. – コ ー ド "Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion" Pacelon Dungeons "being held!
◆ Star 5 "Lelouch uniform see." It is given just entering!
ル Lelouch, C.C., Suzaku, Karen, along with other recognizable Code Geass personalities!
◆ In addition, with all characters listed low voice!

Collaboration Interval 4/3 (Wed) ~ 4/29 (sec)

The Incredible Puzzle Mystery RPG is creating fantastic recognition!
Browse the mystery RPG made for tablets and smartphones!

Dragons and other creatures, several dungeons full of tricks, refreshing the conflict with a simple operation!
"Pocoloon Dungeons" is a RPG mystery that you can enjoy for free.

▼ The fundamental rule is simple! Just stick to the mystery!
Just move the main character, taking care of the same colorful mystery "Pocolon"!
Follow "Pocolon" efficiently and take the mystical dungeon that changes shape every time you try!

▼ Defeat the enemy creatures in the dungeon!
Adopt precisely the same colorful mystery "Pocolon" and attack the enemy creatures!
If you join a whole lot, give a power up with the result of the string! In addition, the combo results in constant attack!
It is possible to gather creatures similar to the color of this Pocolon that you accompanied!

▼ Let's make the equipment of the substance we have!
Mixing materials went into a blacksmith's dungeon and made armor and weapons!

If you can get rare substances, you can get rare equipment!
Get your favorite outfit!

▼ Create creatures and make the party more powerful!
Increase and evolve the creatures you made friends in the dungeon and make your own party!
Monsters that come under particular conditions and creatures that could only be friends only in restricted dungeons …!

▼ Work together with your friends to challenge the chase (Multiplayer)!
When there is a mission you can not clean, let your friends help you!
Let's meet with friends and receive rare items !!


 ポ コ ン ン ン ジ ン ン ズ Screenshot 1 ポ コ ロ ダ ン ン ジ ン ン ズ Screenshot 2 ポ コ ン ン ン ン ン ン ン Screenshot 3 ポ コ ン ン ン ン ン ン ン Screenshot 4


  1. Weak Enemy.



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