Download 転生したらスライムだった件 ~魔国連邦創世記~ v1.1.2 ( Weak Enemy )

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 - Android

Ten Sura v1.1.2 – The initial 500 million PV & chain exceeded 8 million copies!
Accessible in various favorite string World Fantasy
"Matters which were slime when incarnating."
The first name games eventually !!


【Reincarnation × Founding × Fight × RPG =! What ?! What? (I.e.
One day ordinary human beings are reincarnated into slime! What?
Slime is from the first as it is from another world
Rise on the planet !!
Easy-to-use action RPG!

The favorite character of this first is a huge success! ! (I.e.
Ripley! Benimaru! Shuna!
Children familiar with the first work and movement slur
Zurari assortment !!!

Slime is a town making even at the match!
The most powerful our ties with our colleagues
The city will also grow! !
The brand new center is constructed, and the city grows fast
It may evolve!
By Goblin Village, goal! Democratic Federation
How to Tempest!


 転 生 た 件 件 件 件 件 創世記 創世記 創世記 創世記 ~ Screenshot 1 転 生 た 件 件 件 件 件 創世記 創世記 創世記 創世記 創世記 ~ Screenshot 2 転 生 た 件 件 件 件 件 創世記 創世記 ~ Screenshot 3 転 生 た 件 件 件 件 件 件 創世記 創世記 創世記 ~ Screenshot 4


  1. Weak Enemy.



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