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Monday, August 5th, 2019 - Android

4K Camera – Filmmaker Pro Camera Movie Recorder v1.1 – 4K Camera – Filmmaker Pro is Created for You who Fascinated
In the cinema, with many features provided to receive a better composition of the film. Automated intelligent mode or go completely manual to restrict Exposure, focus, white balance, movie bitrate, and frame rate help you achieve maximum movie caliber for movie clips, short movies, or perhaps display images using your thumbnail phone in conjunction with camera capacity.

4K camera provisioning features that each, and every filmmaker wants, just like a professional camera / image recorder usually have:
• Standard, hybrid and manual shooting modes. A shooting fashion for any skill level.
• Portrait and landscape orientations.
• variable speed dial.
• Fast frame rates of 60,120, 240 fps (hardware dependent).
• Slow and fast FX motion in real time recording
• Configurable time lapse recording.
• Different histogram mode (RGB, luminance, maximum, average, brightness)
• Fix vulnerability automatically or manually (manual and shutter ISO)
• Correct white balance and color temperature to find cinematic footage
• Customizable file naming
• Grid manual assistant overlays and aspect ratio.
• Enable / disable video stabilization (on supported devices)

Aspect ratio tips, like regular camera cinema:
• 4k Widescreen HD Camera (16: 9)
• Standard Definition (4: 3)
• Cinerama (2.59: 1)
• Super 35 (2.39: 1)
• Letterbox (2.20: 1)
• Digital Film Initiative (17: 9)
• Ultra Panavision (2.76: 1)
• Square (1: 1)

Smart features of advanced display:
• Live histogram (RGB and luminance) *
• Focus the Peak *
• Cheer to focus
• manual focus *
• Zebra Stripes / Highlighting Cutout *

Advanced video setup as a regular filmmaker / videographer:
• Set bitrate and frame rate: 24, 30, 60 (trust device)
• Establish video format (MP4, HEVC, 3GPP, WEBM)
• Set resolution and aspect ratio (up to 4K movie, if supported)
• Establish custom filename prefix
• Set 4k camera resolution to capture 4k video on verified devices
• Manual video modification (ISO, shutter, WB and concentrate) in live recording *
• And many attributes for cameraman using movie camera application

Advanced movie audio setup:
• headphone audio tracking
• Dynamic sound meter
• Adjustable audio gain
• stereo recording service
• External microphone device support
• Configure sound format (AAC, AMR, Vorbis)
• Set audio bitrate
• Set up sound sampling rate

All of this purpose, it turns your phone into a movie camera. The Recorder wants to be, push the capacity of your smartphone to the edge of its limit.

All of the comprehensive attributes of filmmaking, such as a cameraman specializing in filmmaking, are packed in a tiny compact size and a clean interface.
Download This expert HD camera expert filmmaker begins shooting her 4k movie and begins her journey to becoming a movie maker.

*Early warning:

To use all manual attributes (such as ISO, Shutter, Focus), you want to use Android 5.0+ using the camera2 API, with the help of the seller,
In addition, 4K video recording is occasionally exclusive to the inventory camera program.
You can evaluate your device specification using Filmic Guru Evaluator or the manual camera compatibility program to see what attributes are available in third party camera programs.


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