Download Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining v1.4.0 ( Items Double )

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 - Android

Advienteia: 2D World of Craft and Mining v1.4.0 – ADVENTARIA – This is really the 2D Sandbox Mining game of the terrain world!

The game is packed with Mining, Creation, Exploration, Components Survival Lite and Unreal along with many Horror Mobs: zombies, directors, skeletons, wasps, demons, werewolves, golens, magicians, Wyverns and many others.

• The game has more than a hundred things to find.
• 3 in 1 excellent mode (2d Build + Survive + Investigate).
• Dangerous looking monster in the universe of terrarium pencils.
• BOSS Fatal fights!
• Free game updates.
• Locate the rings to get regeneration / defense / health / dual-hop electricity / invisibility!

★ Mine, Craft, Fight and Construct! ★
• Explore exceptional terrestrial worlds with ideal terrain;
• Craft things: snowball, bonfire, silk, bucket, bottle and etc.
• Create 2D cubes and use them under construction!
• a large number of crowds to the farm.
• Plant your grass and flowers!
• Build a house to live in and look for substances to create new pixel things.
• Minimize the term online for fonts, build fantastic structures, crop plants, trees and dinosaurs, the decision is yours!

★ The way to select ADVENTARIA GAME? ★
• 50+ forms of deadly and crazy weapons;
• Enormous amount of shielding to be protected together;
• 80+ dangerous monsters to fight;
• 80+ useful substance for mines / handicrafts / location;
• You can create incredible buildings within this wonderful 2D block game, or just fight with swords, bows and firearms.

Try to become an adventure professional by completing the initial tutorial;
• Become a Miner by mining your initial ore nugget using a pickaxe;
• Become a blacksmith, getting an anvil made of iron;
• Try to be a champion terrier, beating all the bosses in adventure;
• Attempt to be obsessed with armor accumulating all kinds of armor in Adventure;
• Become a master of craftsmanship, using all the craft channels.

• Choose between the Present 2d block worlds or make the new pixel universe;
• Play or without wifi;
• Adventure is a participating terrarium survival craft, so all prizes can be collected for you;
• You come to adventure with just a few tools.
• Start exploring your favorite Earth, search for monsters, dig deep into the ground, collect items, harvest tools, build your own coats.
• Try to live among countless creatures: zombies, directors, skeletons, wasps, demons, werewolves, golens, wizards, Wyverns!
• My dirt, rock and objects using the pickaxe. Destroy pixel partitions with a hammer.
• Try to locate artifacts that may make it partially invisible to creatures or give invulnerability to lava.

Build incredible 2D buildings, try to find stronger tools and weapons and discuss them on our social networking pages!

Within our NEAREST UPDATE We are planning to include:
Flying snakes;
• many pitfalls to create your own survival;
• Keyboards for games;
• Multiplayer;
• New structures.



  1. Double items.
  2. Arbitrary Forged Items.

NOTE: After modifying the items purchased, you can get 100 pieces, which can be counterfeit for free. Some items must be forged to meet certain conditions.



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