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Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 - Android

Armed Assault: Ultimate Third Person Shooting Game v1.1.17 – Time to start working on Armed Heist – the shooting game in action on the next person that makes your heart soar! Test your reflexes while venturing into your bank robbery. Stealing Gamble's benches and gaming trucks was not as exciting as avoiding flying snakes in this ultimate action game.

Looking for a fantastic third-person shooter with bank robbery? Welcome to the ideal place where you face cops in over 70 shooting challenges in some of the biggest fps games on the internet!

Looking for an epic shooting game for cops and thieves on TPS? Welcome to the ideal place where you face the police in over 70 fights of the bank shooter game in some of the greatest games of tips on the internet! If you are a lover of rifle games and enjoy an epic shooting match, Armed Heist awaits you!

Your task: turned into a ruthless thug and money theft crime lord! Always be the first man to shoot, or you'll end up with six feet below.

Attributes of the Game Killer:
• Customizable Weapon System – Build the wildest and most altered firearms imaginable! Pistols, rifles, sniper rifles and assault rifles! Get your toolbox as fatal as possible to another bank robbery!

Change it using action packed aim, suppressors, grips, barrels, actions and killer skins! All this will influence the operation of your weapon.

• 3D Crime Map – An animated job database offensive map of unsafe banks and armored trucks, lets you select and choose which assault you would like to pull now!

• Dynamic Scenarios – Get ready for the thrill! Within this online shooter game, no player pitcher challenge takes place the same way twice. Each situation will be different based on your movements and weapon skills.

• Pimp Your Character – Produce Your Own Personal Bank Robber! Want to become a killer clown? X specific forces? Maybe a gangster fuck? Get skins, furs, bulletproof vests and amazing clothes. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay make this person hit by an action-packed shooting!

Armed Heist is among the most intense third-person shooter games on the Internet. Unlike fps games, which you see in the back of your rifle, in tips matches (third-person shooter games) the camera moves energetically and actively, which makes you feel re the person robbing banks along with burning bullets!

Get your equipment. You have a job to perform.


 Armed Assault: Ultimate Third Person Shooting Game Screenshot 1 Heist Armado: Ultimate Third Person Shooting Game Screenshot 2 Armored Heist: Ultimate Third Person Shooting Game Screenshot 3 Armed Heist: Last third-person shooter game 3


  1. Character is invincible.


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