Download Avia Weather – METAR & TAF v2.9.5

Sunday, August 11th, 2019 - Android

Avia Weather – METAR & TAF v2.9.5 – The Reliable and Simple Aviation Weather Program
For pilots and aerospace fans. METAR-Reader decodes and presents the current METARs from over 9500 airports worldwide. No more no less. Very simple color coding Allows quick sorting by VFR or IFR conditions – as an alternative even to NATO color state. In addition, current TAF weather forecasts are retrieved and displayed clearly in a decoded form.

Track Side wind elements are automatically calculated depending on the current METAR. A widget that can be configured to display decoded METAR or raw METAR / TAF can be offered.

New weather channels can be found globally by ICAO or IATA codes, airport or city name. They can be coordinated into user-defined classes – and. g. to frequent routes Or alternative airports. In addition, an automatically managed group regularly presents nearby weather channels.


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