Download Baby Monitor 3G (Trial) v5.3.1

Friday, July 26th, 2019 - Android

Baby Monitor 3G (Trial) v5.3.1 – Baby Monitor 3G Display Edition lets you check all features of your device.

Each observation is restricted to 30 minutes.

Baby Monitor 3G is a video and sound monitor for babies worldwide on your phone, tablet or pc. Listen to all sounds, stream live videos and soothe your child. It works with an infinite range (WIFI, 3G, LTE) and is trusted by over half a million moms and dads.

Simple to use
The program needs two devices. One stays in the boy's room while another stays with you. No subscription or link changes are required and the original setup takes less than 30 minutes.

Baby Monitor 3G is the only program of its kind that works with WiFi and 3G. Use it anywhere without worrying about a weak WiFi signal.

Baby Monitor 3G brings live video in your child's room to you. The lightweight feature makes it possible to watch your baby when it is dark.

As a result of a state-of-the-art infant voice enhancer, you can hear all the noises coming out of the child's room.

Baby Monitor 3G Allows you to test how often your baby is alert, find Your sleep routines, and combine sounds from the current Monitor or any previous Monitor.

Talk to your baby
Just press a button and chat. Your youngster will always be on tap from you.

Ensures that you will find out if your baby is alert in noisy environments.

Baby Monitor 3G alarms you if something goes wrong (network link difficulty, etc.).


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