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Saturday, June 15th, 2019 - Android

Mobile Caption: Bang Bang Apk + Mod Radar Android Hacked

Mobile History: Bang Bang Android is an action game
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Enter your friends against 548 Antiques against real-time opponents, Legends Mobile! Choose your favorite heroes and armed with your teammates! 10 minutes of play, 10 minutes of battle. Laning, jungling, rough towers, team battles, PC MOBAs and fun activities, all in the palm of your hand! Give your eSports spirit!
Mobile Legends, a new masterpiece of eSports mobile 2016. Turn off your opponent with your fingertip and proclaim the strongest Challenger crown!
Your phone is safe for war!


1. MOBA Classic maps, 5v5 battles
Real battles against 5v5 real. Fight 3 ways to bring the enemy tower. 4 jungle fields. 18 defensive towers. 2 wild bosses. Complete playback of classic MOBA maps. 5v5 conflicts and human conflicts. A real return to the MOBA game.

2. Win with Teamwork and Strategy
Block the damage, control the enemy and heal team members! Choose Tanks, Magicians, Tricks, Assassins, Support, etc. Your team can anchor or match the MVP! New heroes are constantly released!

3. Fair fight, lead your team to victory
Like the classic MOBA, there is no heroic training or paid statistics. Winners and losers will be determined based on the ability and capacity of this fair and balanced platform for competitive games. Play to win, do not pay to win.

4. Simple controls, simple masters
With the right joystick and right-handed buttons, you should have a master fingerprint! Automatically lock and let you access your heart's content quickly. Never lose! And the custom tap-to-system system allows you to focus on the emotional battle!

5. 10 seconds Matchmaking, 10 minutes of games
The match lasts 10 seconds, and the battle lasts 10 minutes, fighting at the beginning with a calm and high level. Expectations less boring and repetitive farming, and more triumphs of action and more excitement. Wherever, at any time, you simply pick up the phone, turn on the game and plunge into the heart of MOBA.

6. Support AI offline
On most MOBAs, a lost connection means your group is kept dry, but with the powerful Mobile Legends connection system, you can backtrack if you fall. While offline, your character will control our AI system to avoid a 5-4 status.

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