Download Battle Cards Savage Heroes TCG CCG Decks 1.4.15 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) android

Sunday, July 7th, 2019 - Android

A fun card card with card cards, competitive pickups and a real-world real fight against your opponents. A unique mechanical card game based on an interesting real-time system. Keeping your toes will surely offer an exciting game, in both genders, and the veteran CCG / TCG player. Free your powerful creatures from your creatures to await your forgiveness and train your creatures and magical unlocking abilities by giving them a more animated card game than you ever thought (CCG). Talk to your friends to improve your portfolio (TCG).

The game will travel through the wonderful map of the virtual world, you will find new enemies and win and fight for you. Compete in different games and prove your skills on other players around the world. Boost your reputation in the best rankings in the world, waiting for thousands of players, beaten or beaten. Become the leader of the world's cartoon heroine!

Easy to learn, difficult to master. Or rather, the complex is not complicated. Maybe you have heard everything, but this game fails for others. He has no stable studies, no complex mechanics, but it is still deep and challenging enough to be occupied for many hours. When you do not know how to use a mechanized game and beautiful graphics when your device is not there, the final card will complete the experience of the game and will surprise you.

* A tremendous one-player campaign will be the main source of your new cards
* More than 60 unique card creatures, many new card cards
* Compete in real time, forget the shift-based TCG / CCG
* Three game modes that will allow you to fight AI and other players
* Numerous prizes offer various packages of different packages and coins in the game.
* Upgrade your cards and unlock features and special features
* The main challenges to compete with the best players in the world
* Offers special cards to connect and exchange with your friends
* Regular, rare, epic and legendary cards offer a unique experience
* The world is Yours …

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