Download Battle Royale: FPS Shooter 1.10.04 ( Unlimited Banknotes )

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 - Android

Battle Royale: FPS Shooter 1.10.04 – Fight for survival on a dead island with other players like you until all but the strongest have faced their bitter end! Time flies and the zone breathes to the neck, so grab your weapons and equipment and jump into the battle against the other survivors of the island!


Skins for all tastes
The skins look perfect, just like in real block survival games, you can buy any pixel cover;

Graphic settings for weak phones
Our pixel sniper with full HD graphics and also you can do low setting if you have a thin phone;

More than 30 types of weapons
Huge military armament, like AK, minigun, sniper guns, smg, pistols and so on.

Automatic shot
You do not have to press the fire button, all you have to do is just a pixel combat.

Mass map size;
Big map size, that's what we have, the mountains and the dead zone around it. Big radiation island this is the place where you have to survive.

Easy and intuitive control.
Just chill! You will not notice how the hours and days will fly while you were playing the pixel shooter.



  1. Unlimited Notes.


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