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Sunday, July 7th, 2019 - Android

Brave Conquest 1.0.2 Apk + Date for Android

Courageous achievement Android strategy game
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Sign up now and join us [Brave Conquest] – A fun and fun strategy game!
Manage your kingdom and keep your boxes stuck!
Experience the strange formations of what your enemies play with you!
Do not wait! Now you have time to ascend the throne and take the place among the great gentlemen!

[Game Features]
* Your kingdom, your choice!
As the principal of your kingdom, you will draw your plans! Unlock and put the building where you want!
Missing materials and resources? Farms and factories are your best options!
Do you want to accelerate the growth of your army? Focus on barracks, spell and unlock miracles!
Also, do not forget to feed your dragon's dragon to burn your castle.

* An epic king with a hint of treasure!
Cross the plains and dunes of fog and climb the highest peaks and deep valleys to lose miracles and look for strange treasures!
Make sure your inventory space is cleared before your goblin team. You never know what the legend of the treasures you'll find in the distant past!

* True legend, ten thousand soldiers meet!
The Lord was never able to without problems! Endure evil and hero heroes. No hard fights!
Make your troops strong and strong! Get ready and reward them with an unfair advantage of one kind of trophy in a battle!

* Challenges to overcome the brain teaser!
Training your troops is never easier! Leave them alone and they will be sent automatically! War is not so easy. Even the best soldiers do not win a single fight! Your intention is to drive and spread wisely!
The Lord never questioned himself, and the game definitely encourages it! To achieve an endless journey of greatest victory, you will continue to conquer the Battle Hall, Arena and Kingdom Wars worlds!

Allies come together! Fight to become the strongest alliance of kingdoms
Not enough resources? Your allies share a lot!
Other players harassed? Allies were thrown back!
Are you interested in an alliance event? Work with your allies!
And all this seems to be lost … Well, let the allies worry!

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