Download Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG v2.4.13 ( Money )

Sunday, February 24th, 2019 - Android

Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG v2.4.13 – "Collective IDLE CAT COLLECTING RPG in the Play Store. Gather Heroic Germs and fight against PYROMANCER OF EVIL! "

Join millions of gamers around the world and find out why this is the game CAT COLLECTING!

Named for 2018 !! Indie Award 2017


1. Idle system and action
Establish how you are off, your heroes to fight. Collect rewards, collect epic cats, and improve your heroes. You Too Can You Need to Combat Conflict and Help Out Your Heroes!

2. Collection Strategy
Castle Cats has over 150 personalities with a vast selection of skills. Evoke your CATS, UNLOCK and EVOLVE TRACES, OUTFITS and SKILLS. Collect FAMOUS CELEBRITY CATS such as Marmelade Monty Waffles and Cole And many more!

3. Customizable Guild Leader
Collect 100 items for your boss and customize to your liking.

4. Game driven by the event
Regular updates of EVENTS. Everything from CELEBRITY SUPERHERO, HOLIDAY, SUMMER and WINTER occasion.

5. Intriguing story
Castle Cats have a kind of special story and cats and conquer the evil PYROMANCER. Each occasion includes 15 STORY DRIVEN missions with humorous and humorous articles.



  1. Money


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