Download Chaos Battle League – PvP Action Game 2.3.1 ()

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Android

Chaos Battle League – PvP Action Game 2.3.1 "It's time to make some chaos!" Control the most iconic characters that span across ages to present their competitors to a world of damage in the Chaos Battle League!

This fast paced, real-time smackdown collect and update loads of skills, defenses, and background and legend programs. Conquer your opponents to climb the leaderboard and earn incredible rewards. Connect a Guild to missions and switch cards. Together to make progress, discover advantages and your Guild that benefit everyone!


• Fight of competitions of the whole planet in games in real time to discard the classification tables
• Next unlock incredible cards that are new, improved plan and your group
• Customize your team and defensive towers to get out victorious from competitors
• Use strong exceptional skills to gain the benefit or keep your competitors
• Create or join a Guild to level up your cards and discuss plans
• Integral unlock perks that are valuable and missions to speed up your guild

Who would win in a conflict? A horde against a swarm of mummy pirates? A gunslinger against a cyclope? A UFO against a Werewolf? A Minotaur against a bunch of Ninjas? It's time!

The Chaos Battle League could be played. Some discretionary things that are in the game are readily available for purchase, albeit for free using cash. Players have the ability to disable in-app purchases through the device's Attribute screen settings.

A network connection is required to play this game.



  1. God's way.
  2. Without CD.
  3. Instant Summon Card.


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