Download Cover Fire: shooting games v1.11.0 ( A lot of Gold )

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Android

Cover Fire: shooting games v1.11.0 – Download from shooting games that are offline and that are on the phones.
Be sniper fps and shoot, and you must head the war!

Try the newest zombie occasion for free! Shoot and Leave No Are you currently a survival enthusiast?

New Way: Sniper FPS Ops. We changed the skirmish assignments with this new mode. Defeat all enemies until time runs out. Three is added for each goal Moments to bear


– A brand new 3D FPS Shooter experience. Join the control and endurance as a specialist marksman. Get into the action and live on the front line. Shoot to kill especially live and ops inside this sniper shot in the 2018 game!

– A contemporary controller that gives you fun and battle. Shoot to kill and launch the fury of war! You got the call to save people.

– HD images with battlefields that are destructible. Perform helicopter missions, pass a train, etc.

– Become a sniper sniper and stop with actions. Do not stop shooting Missions along with all the fps multiplayer sniper and fps.

– Provide yourself with a huge arsenal that is real. You've never seen realistic firearms in shooting games: pistols, shotguns, shotguns, snipers … Feel like a front-line command!

– Face the battle from various points of view. One of your real-time mercenaries, Locate the mix to win the killing game conflict.

– Establish using your skills: Hacker, sniper, assault man … Unlock new epic shooters and shooters Like even the gunslinger or the bazooka man! Maybe you noticed an inflatable dinosaur in battle?

– Require control of this conflict and be the best shooter in the 3D slot machine in a sport.

Download the program for free and get unlimited updates!

In Cover Fire (CoverFire) you are the sniper who leads a team of veterans across towns, areas, and deserts taken by guerrillas, and conquers all conquerors and hostage enemies within this mobile war survival gameplay gameplay.

As the leader of the rebellion, you may face the army of the enemy corp: elite components that are lethal, soldiers, mechs with shells, strong tanks … Require control of battle, deal with battle as a war machine that is true. Become the war legend in fps which is multiplayer addictive.

– Free shooting experience and sniper. Take cover and shoot. Do not let the world's terrorists in the game play more useful!

– Difficult Story Mode. Fight against Tetracorp and direct a mutiny that is a mercenary on every mission. Most excellent in-game gameplay over shooting.

– Feel the experience that is exceptional in shooting games. Press the viewfinder, pull the footage and press! Destroy and annihilate most men with Their weapons that are powerful as well as their group of heroes!

Unlimited shooter fps activity! Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire (CoverFire)

Cover Fire is a game that is free but includes discretionary purchases for real money. You may want to keep him away from the boys and their children.



  1. VIP-5 included.
  2. Lots of gold.
  3. A lot of money.


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