Download Crab War v3.4.3 ( Infinite Gem )

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - Android

War of the Crab v3.4.3 – Contemplate the Property of the Reptiles, House of the King and Queen Reptiles. Team up with the whole world and fight these fearsome reptiles along with the Mythical King Crabs. Earn honor and join crab components to customize your king crab!


The giant reptiles invaded their lands and took the goats to the basement. Centuries later, infused with all the energy of the crystals, they are ready for your revenge! Increase the swarm and resurge with revenge. Grow your turtle's military forces, evolve them and push the scaly beasts of your homeland!

• Evolve over 80 wonderfully constructed crabs
• Spawn 33 unique queens to direct your swarm
• Release six strong skills and customize them with about 18 different skills
• Hunting more than 50 exclusively dangerous reptiles
• Ecdise and be eloquent with strong mutations
• Kill the Wildebeest and claim legendary rewards
• Compete with others in difficult tournaments
• Change Your Genes and Personalize Your Genetic Tree Fish
• Phone on the aid of strong allies like the killer crab along with the golden ray

The fight for the house began. Are you ready for war?

– Minimum device specifications –
• Android KitKat 4.4
• 1GB of RAM



  1. Infinite Gem.
  2. Infinite Gold (Increasing)
  3. Infinite Relic.
  4. Paying the user.
  5. Infinite Gene Point.



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