Download Dawn Break II -Light and Dark- v1.0.64858 ( x10 Damage )

Sunday, April 14th, 2019 - Android

Break-Light Breaking Dawn and Dark- v1.0.64858 – Become heroes, fight the lights and the darkness!

A long history of "Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor"!

Vampire – Simon and Naughty Princess – Luna is leading a chase home in the kingdom of Goz. To be able to retrieve this queen's ring stolen by the arch thief, and find a strategy that includes all members of royalty … !? Only you can solve the mystery and reveal the pure evil inside!

==== RESOURCES ====
◆ Master Components to shoot down powerful enemies! 3 conflicting heroes at once!

◆ Simplified equipment accumulates and nourishes, finer narrative lines and combat training!

◆ Battle 4P PvP, Ultimate Boss, Hero Arena. More challenges and honors await your arrival!

◆ Wake up! Explode the best strength of your heroes! Take pleasure in the cinematic images of your soft fights!

◆ Cute fairies accompany you on your way, help in conflicts and maybe send to missions!

◆ every new comic interface, immerse yourself in history even further!


 Break-Light and Dark Breaking Dawn - Screenshot 1 Dawn Break II - Light and Dark - Screenshot 2 "src =" Dawn Break II - Light and Dark - Screenshot 3 "src =" Dawn Break II - Light and Dark - Screenshot 4 "src ="


  1. x10 damage
  2. Dump enemy (the enemy can not attack and move)
  3. x10 Attack Speed



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