Download Deep Town: Mining Factory v3.9.4 ( Unlimited Gold Coins )

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 - Android

Deep Town: Mining Factory v3.9.4 – Deep Town is a science fiction strategy game in which you play a purpose, with AI.


A world's crust is thick, full of various metals, stones and infrequent findings. It exists as your A high-tech grinding system capable of drilling through any rock, using many technicians as
Many other Driller robots, along with fire blasts, name it!


Making automotive mine tools, buildings, casting and forging handicraft items, plastics,
Build power plant pipelines that are efficient and market items for profit!
A secret city of steampunk robots that are geared.


A term – archeology. On your journey that is the very dig – embark and locate caves. Search the bots to find out what's inside, find the world's past history, and answer the era's query – where are we?

Deep City is among the best strategy games in its, and a pocket mechanism with a one-click mechanism, and components can be the miner or digger in the market. We love explaining it as a disguised city builder of all kinds. If you and dig games played. This city clicker is right for you!




  1. On our own added, we make any cost of the product goes to 9999999 more, now the lack of resources disappears.
  2. Chemical recovery 9999999.
  3. Splash Art Loading Is Changed to THIS
  4. The development of the robot is changed to 400 copper instead of crystals
  5. Each item is made in 10 seconds, gives 100 million pieces (Gifts from Wintertale is unchanegd)
  6. The build multiplier is set to 4
  7. 1 second build and upgrade period for most buildings / upgrades
  8. All skills available lvl1, cost 1 point and have high Dmg (except mining bots)
  9. 1 second finish and 1 gold cost shipments
  10. Making Hydrogen gives 100 Million of each type of ore in the game (+ 100Mill of hydrogen and oxygen too ^^)
  11. Uranium Rod req chanegd to 1 sodium and 1 uranium ore
  12. Solar panel and wind turbine give 10x more energy
  13. Rare and Free Chest now offers 100x rarer items
  14. Actions of bot last 270 hours
  15. LvL upgrades player costs 3 bar of copper on all levels (u still need currency for average upgrades)
  16. Some quest later gives 1.00,000 crystals


  1. Unlimited gold coins.
  2. Unlimited Diamonds


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