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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 - Android

Demon's Rise 2 6 Apk + Date for Android

Demonic Ascension 2 Role Playing Game is for Android
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Pocket Tactics wins the “annual 2016 RPG game”!

Touch Arcade RPG Reload Golden Poncho 2016 wins (Top 5 in the original RPG App Store)

5 stars 5 stars – Touch Arcade: “Demon's Rise 2: Chaos of Lords is one of the best RPG strategies based on the App Store.”

Pocket Tactics: “Demon's Rise 2 is one of the most important games of the year. It's certainly the deepest choice of tactical decisions and fight against previous encounters.”

9 10 – KickMyGeek: “Demon's Rise 2: The Chaos of Lords is a brilliant turn-based RPG with a great strategic depth.”


You are not a hero-not a knight, not a wise man, but a black god. In your chosen way, you have the authority of barbarians, savages and demons. As a result of the deep evolution, necromancy and suffering of hell, the destruction of civilized countries. Honor your battle for the battle of the gods in search of bloody fields and ascension.

Demon's Rise 2 is a fantasy-based, superb and hilarious turn-based fantasy RPG fantasy world. In the midst of a terrible Cold War in the North, your group's campaign will battle with many enemies, giant monsters and powerful witches. Victory is tactical to use land, morale, training and magic. Build an ever stronger war band, command demonic allies and oppress all who oppose you.

• Tactical options: Use the effects of ground, cover, and vision to overcome your enemies. Use witchcraft to prevent powerful enemies; You can influence the field of enemies and hobbies of the area to strengthen your allies.

Build your own party: Choose 19 different types of characters to build your war band. Your warriors will improve with victory, unlocking new strengths and abilities. In the battle of battle he will bring courage and savagery for the good of his gods, that is, the difference between glory and failure.

Collect gears: Equip your warrior with weapons, gems, army runes and legendary artifacts. There are thousands of research and collection items, each with its own statistics and effect history.

• Campaign: Long combat and more than 80 hours of time. The ability to repeat the level and level again does not increase the difficulty.

• Floral Collaboration: You are immersed in the story of Tarren, the world of the Ascension of the Demons. The empire breaks down and the human kingdoms, demons and other races are struggling to survive.

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