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Monday, August 5th, 2019 - Android dictionary v7.5.22 – Find definitions for English words, Find punctuation,
Search for grammar and choose a new language with Search for online dictionary definitions and synonyms of synonyms using one tap! word search covers over 2,000,000 English words, synonyms and antonyms: Great for ACT research or SAT preparation! Learn spelling, study grammar and find a new language with many learning attributes. Pronounce English words correctly, look up the Word of the Day, and research Etymology to improve your speech instruction.

Online Dictionary Definitions and Thesaurus Synonyms: TOP 3 CHARACTERISTICS

1) Discover words without spelling sound word search to find dictionary definitions using just your voice!

Two) Discover synonyms and antonyms of the thesaurus: improve your ACT instruction or SAT preparation.

3) Pronounce the new language correctly. Find words and perfect your pronunciation effortlessly.

Its online dictionary and phrase search not only allow you to find definitions, understand spelling, search grammar or clinical pronunciation. Explore many more learning and instructional resources designed to help you choose a new language, combine your ACT or SAT preparation, and find words for your pleasure.

Word of the Day: Learn new words every day and impress your friends.

Save your favorite words, synonyms and antonyms for simple reference. Great for learning standardized assessment!

Not sure of the spelling? Suggested words can help you figure out what you're looking for.

Explore fun language details, bizarre etymology, rambunctious speech, and other fascinating language issues with many posts.

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