Download Diggy’s Adventure: Escape this 2D Mine Maze Puzzle 1.3.242

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 - Android

Diggy Adventure: Escape From This 2D Maze Maze Puzzle 1.3.242 – Join Diggy, the teacher, Linda and Rusty on their journey! Explore the world full of mines, learn from an ancient civilization and solve unforgettable puzzles. Dig and search for hidden treasures, fulfill divine missions and enigmas. Escape from every maze and reveal the greatest mysteries of the past in the online game Diggy's Adventure!

No secrets can remain hidden in this 2D labyrinth! Find your way into the maze as you discover new characters from this story or perhaps an ancient civilization. Will you be able to escape the riddle of mine?

A real miner does not forget his gold hunt, so hit those rocks and explore comfortable rooms while enjoying the mining.

"Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzles?" There are over 1000 puzzles to solve in different civilizations. Pay attention to all the tracks; You can also play offline!
– Over 500 mazes to escape with different levels of difficulty. Do not get stuck in a deep dungeon!
– More than 100 funny characters to interact with. Tap on your miner's avatar and check your serve!
– Four fantastic sites with many forgotten treasures. Crush your way through this maze of mines!
– Stuck with a jigsaw puzzle? Our online customer support responds within 24 hours.
– New free content every week: from a problem to a temple, do not forget to check the game updates!
– You can play this mining adventure in 17 different languages.

When digging through 2D puzzling mines, you will acquire various items that can be used to solve puzzles, replenish power when offline, or create new things in the field. You can also decorate your camps with beautiful decorations, items and other content. Create new items or cook ingredients to help you dig a dungeon and become the greatest adventure lover in this world.

Act like a true archaeologist, find secrets from ancient worlds, use your clues to open chests and explore like a miner! This is not a classic treasure hunt, hit all the tiles and get enough gold to resume hunting!

Solve puzzles and 2D puzzles to gain rewards and experience points that improve energy regeneration rate or maximum power. Keep digging through the mines and fulfilling missions in the game attributed by Gods, follow the right path so you can find a new room in this adventure! You can also enjoy special maze events, dungeons and pitches offering lively themes or sending gifts to another player.

Solve the mystery and the puzzle! Learn from a new civilization as you flee an endless labyrinth and dig the mine! Enjoy this 2D mining adventure filled with puzzles!

Note: Diggy's Adventure is a free online game that requires a network connection to play, although you can also enjoy this offline adventure. Do you like our idle jigsaw puzzle game? Do you have any suggestions or problems? We would love to hear from you!



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