Download Digitox : Phone Usage Tracker – Digital Wellbeing 1.2.0 ( Ads Removed )

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 - Android

Digitox: Phone Usage Tracker – Digital Wellbeing 1.2.0 – Fight Nomofobia!

Completely Free App! No in-app purchase.

Nomofobia is considered a disturbance of the modern world and refers to discomfort or anxiety caused by being out of touch with the phone or computer.

Do you feel that you are getting hooked on your smartphone and not able to deal with real life? Do you think you're losing the real social life you've had before? Do you wake up with your phone next to you and sleep next to you? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a digital addict. Let us help you correct / control this.

Digitox will help you understand your digital habits and create usage limits for the selected applications. Let digital remind you when you exceed the limits of using the application in a smart way.

Digitoxin is designed to enhance your digital well-being.

• Have a daily view of your digital habits
• How often do you use different applications
• What time of day you use the applications
• How much do you use your phone every day?
• What type of application categories do you mainly use
• Digital usage reports for today, yesterday and last 7 days
• Daily application usage, overuse reminders
• Overview of network statistics
• Lightweight application, friendly battery

Digitox does not block phone use.
Categories are only visible to phones above Android Oreo.



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