Download Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters v3.14.13 ( Unlimited Gold )

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 - Android

Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters v3.14.13 – Play with only 1 finger!
Simple and instantly addictive gameplay!

The game is for really idle people, so do not wait too long for Characters to search for dungeons, even when you're offline. All you need to do is enjoy your benefit from time to time.

The battle mechanics of the PvP contest are unique to games of the genre – accumulated heroes can be used both for level up and for building stadium squads to compete unlike other players in a variety of competitions.

Main features of this game:
– More than 100 characters.
– Particular mechanisms of PvP combat.
– 9 strong skills to be used in battle.
– Looting equipment of bugs
– Create new things with 1000 recipes
Clans and their advance.
– 8 scientific trees with more than 100 unique abilities.
– More than 60 specific artifacts.
– Battles with hundreds of different creatures.
– PvP mode against other players.
– More than 10 amazing points.
– greater than 10000 degrees.
– Daily activities, missions along with other goals.

A number of sports modes:
– Go through the seas and fight along with the creatures that are common.
– Hunting artifacts in specific caves.
– Mode of history that informs on the universe of the sport.
– Fight with legendary directors.
– Random fights with different players throughout the experience.
– Arena: compete with other players.
– Mine: Collect fantastic paintings along with your own characters.
– Fixed several small UI bugs.
– Clan chat chief invites today to perish over time and be removed from the conversation.
– Deleting messages from your inbox is currently restricted by the currently selected filter.
– Changes to internal source management are required for future upgrades.



  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited souls.
  3. Vip-9
  4. Hero 4 stars.



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