Download Event Horizon – space rpg v0.17.0 ( Many Stars )

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 - Android

Horizon of the event – space rpg v0.17.0 – Event Horizon is a trendy 2D area action / RPG match with boat armies, space invaders, cosmic conflicts, star and galaxy wars. Drag your fleet into new fights.


Countless stars to discover
You will see a myriad of billions of new stars. Find an exciting game world!

Hardcore dynamic fights
Get involved in animated space battles!

Over 70 individual distance ships with change options
There is a chance to produce a spaceship and also update it continuously independently!

More than 100 firearms and modules
To increase the fleet, you are likely to use more than 100 weapons and their modules!

10 private fractions with strong flagships
Choose from ten portions that you will combine during an Odyssey distance!

PVP Battles on the World Wide Web
Get involved in space warfare! Fight against another online player through the Web.

Require control of a space fleet and begin its task of exploring galaxies. Fight hostile aliens, conduct scientific research, pick up tools, do business, build new ships, and improve current ones. Thousands and tens of thousands of star systems, violent conflicts and amazing experiences Are waiting for you! And it's totally free!



  1. Lots of stars.
  2. A lot of money.
  3. Plenty of fuel.



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