Download Evil Nun : Scary Horror Game Adventure v1.5.2 ( The Nun Does not Attack You )

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - Android

Evil Nun: Haunting Horror Adventure Game v1.5.2 – ★★★ Over 4 million players ★★★

Say hello to the jigsaw puzzle and succeed in a guarded college with a scary nun who can hear any sound (be careful!). A bad nun seems to be a combination between a grandmother and … a ghost, a victim of a zombie plague, or some other lifeless soul. Horror and death are following you, and the perverse nun will kill you when she finds you along with the experience that the escape will be over. Hide everywhere !! In or out of the faculty … the farm or the parking lot can be great hiding places!

Bendy guns are useful for completing jigsaw puzzles such as bubble gum or an explosive dummy where you can blow things up. A dead nun would like to kill you, so solve puzzles, run and rescue your soul!

Are you feeling alone? Not in this flight of experience and survival. In addition to the scary grandmother nun, there is also a neighbor … The laundry adopts a puzzle: why are there children? Are they dead or alive? Clearly they could not leave this terrifying faculty. But saving them and eventually becoming a fanatic is possible! The way to save other children locked up by Grandma? Look closely at key puzzles that will come out in this horror game, hide and operate that is the survival secret!

Now it's not Halloween, but in case you've already gotten over a plague of zombies or other Halloween animals, say hello to a lifeless nun and show us your skills in this experience to escape the game of terror.

* It comes with a "ghost mode" if your neighbor can not set up with your cries of fear. Hours and hours of horror and fun guarantee to be a genuine hero, conquer nigger nun, rescue children and the whole game!

** Our horror game is still under development … do you have a great idea? Want more puzzles? We are flexible and exposed to new ideas!

Enjoy and drive! Survival will begin …



  1. The nun does not attack you.



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