Download Evolving Land v1.0.3 ( Ads Free )

Monday, April 15th, 2019 - Android

Earth in evolution v1.0.3 – Are you satisfied with a typical mixing game? Welcome to Evolving Land, the latest advanced variant of the Merge & Idle game.

You have to do is find more components, such as biological and non-biological, combine. And also you can combine everything to improve and strengthen items for your travels.

In the early stages of this game, you have to combine crops, climate and animals to make a basic ecological cycle. In the next game Procedure, you can create countless cities, characters, cities, kingdoms. You will create a genuine world on your own, experience the earliest times, the age and contemporary times. You can go through biological evolution, like the evolving human evolution of Earth.

Stages of Evolution:
▪ Time
▪ Plants
▪ Animals
▪ Characters
▪ Tools
▪ Architectures
▪ Mysterious elements


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