Download Eyes – The Horror Game v5.9.25 ( Free Shopping )

Sunday, February 24th, 2019 - Android

Eyes – The Horror Game v5.9.25 "You invade the mansion at night.
It is built like a maze and huge.
It's behind you, even though you're trying to escape!
The ghost is looking for you.


Escape from ghosts and suffer crazy jumps inside this terrifying game of terror.

Discover the Terror and the animals in this atmospheric Horror free game. But no matter what, never play in the dark.

You search rooms looking for wealth The air and fills your heart.

Lights flicker, novels flutter on their shelves and also the TV becomes static.

Seven Reasons to Get Eyes – The Horror Game Now:

→ Various scary creatures to choose from – or make your own with personalized visuals and sounds
→ Multiple levels to unlock. Most added all the time
→ various styles of play to survive
→ Use mysterious runes to observe the creature's distorted view
→ See a hand-drawn map to plan your next move
→ Compete with adventurous colleagues about international rankings or take offline
→ The perfect horror game: Stressed gameplay, unexpected jumps along with a scary atmosphere

Are you going to escape the mansion? Eyes – The Horror Game is now for free!



  1. Free shopping.
  2. Unlimited Eyes
  3. Many eyes (tips)


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