Download Fire Panda v0.1 ( A lot of Gold Coins ) MOD

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 - Android

Panda fire v0.1 – There was a long time ago, there was an expanding Kingdom in the Far East. This kingdom was threatened by the ancestral tribes of these nomadic warrior dogs, known as Mongols. The principles of this kingdom have chosen to build a wonderful wall to keep the Mongols at bay. The staff called the Great Wall. In addition, it covered the entire length of the boundary.

In the dawn of the Dragon Festival, Hóng – the younger redesigned the Brief straw and was left behind. Nothing happens here on the Great Wall. “He sighed. However, the Mongols understood that the Dragon Festival was celebrated tonight, and they read a terrible surprise to our young and unsuspecting hero … and also to the rest of the Kingdom.

– beautiful graphics.
– incredible action!
– Fabulous looking Dresses: Get all the hats and costumes to create Hóng looks impossible!
– Amount of bonuses!
“Conquer Captain Mongrol's bosses!”

Exciting and surprises await you to run the length of the Great Wall next to Hóng the Red Panda!


 Fire Panda Screenshot 1 Screenshots from Fire Panda 2 Screenshots from Fire Panda 3 Screenshots from Fire Panda 4


  1. Many gold coins.
  2. Unlocking the level.


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