Download FOTO Gallery v4.00.12 ( Premium )

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Android

Gallery PHOTO v4.00.12 – PHOTO Gallery, the gallery.

You believe
"Why does not the standard gallery do that?" Why delay?
– Why transfer embarrassing photos?
Tired of rolling down in the center of town. . To find the folder that is favorite.
"You're flattered by the desire to put the cover on the briefcase."
– You want to delete ads.
– Worry about a desktop task. (drainage of battery, leakage of solitude)

Switch to the PHOTO Gallery!

■ Fast supercharging
■ No ads. Light. (less than 5MB)
■ Incredible coordination method. (non-automotive system).
■ Almost all people say "OMG, it's amazing!".
■ Recover pictures deleted by accident. (Junk Pasta)
■ Enter by generating time, additional time, title, habit (drag and drop) order.
■ No background occupancy. (Saves battery life. No upload of solitude.)
■ Hide / exclude personal folders
■ The password for hidden photos.
■ List folders, photos only, one-touch videos only.
■ Set favorite photos as envelope protection.
■ Tag and search for videos or photos.
■ Transfer files between folders very easily.
■ Transfer the folder to the SD card with one tap.
■ Quick Folder Scanning. (media scan)
■ Run the GIF without delays. (play as a PC)
■ Create a movie GIF
■ Displays EXIF ​​information.
■ Rename folder, photos.
■ Produce a folder promptly.
■ Cut, rotate photos.
■ Set background.
■ Change the program theme.



  1. Premium.


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