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Sunday, July 7th, 2019 - Android

Gem Rush Board Game 1.2 for an APK for Android

Gem Rush Board Game Android is a game
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This mountain is rich in mystical stones. Combine gems to open new rooms, offering new ways to extract gems. Fight against other players or run along with the best anti-clock fast-learning strategy for pain in this fast paced game to get the best out of my.

– Enjoy over 60 rooms
– 20 unique playing abilities adorned with poetic dams
– Competition, cooperative and solitaire modes of play (1-7 players)
– Multi-line and multiplayer options
– Cross-multiplayer (cell phone and PC)
– Play a fast game and see what action is developing or play an asynchronous game on the day.
– Play with 3 levels of AI or another
– A faithful adaptation of the Gem Rush game programmed by the designer

At your side, follow 3 steps to mine and take action.

Building rooms
Building rooms is the main way to score! If you enter the room that does not exist, you must build it. Distribute your cards with all the gems on the door you are building. (Most cards have 2 gems and can be used as two or both!) Select the rotation of the new room and add mine.

Collecting Precious Stones
For your actions, use special curiosities in a room. They have different rules for drawing different cards in different rooms, so choosing the right place for your situation is crucial! (If you can not find a useful room, you can always select a card.)

At the beginning of the next turn, if you have more than 4 cards, you need to eliminate 4.

In Rush mode, players compete against each other. Put the most points at the end of the point, when everyone reaches the point.

In crisis mode, players run against the clock. You must complete the cards in the deck “twice” each turn, eliminating them in the game. Get target points before your cards disappear.

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