Download Hamster Life v4.4.9 MOD ( Money )

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 - Android

Hamster Life v4.4.9 – You can increase your colony promptly and happily.
「Hamster Life」 is a free sports program that can play Hamster and lifelong recovery.
It is possible to feed, touch with your lovely face. If the hamster is filled with meals, it takes food home,
There are so many cute behaviors that you might see.

Do not touch or give food to him if he puts the hamster on the wheels.
There are many ways to deal with your hamster.
We will take care of it regularly and discover various types of appearance about it.

* Start the game today by pulling the hamster to the wheel!
* You can save coins by allowing Hamster to perform with facilities.

■ Best way to play ・ Best way to raise hamster

* How to deal with the hamster
・ You can feed or touch your lovely face.
・ Long press the hamster and you can move the hamster. You can also change your decor or furniture.
・ Double click display, Hamster will come to you!

* The best way to save coins
・ If you touch a hamster or provide meals several times, EXP can be gathered.
・ If hamsters are full of snacks; they will take the food home!
・ If the hamster gets close to the drinker, it will start to consume water cutely!
・ Use currency to include Hamster support can also collect EXP promptly.
・ Thera has yet another way to save money, let's find out!

* How to get cheese
Just be careful, you will give coins as you level up.
In addition, choose the hamster to ride, it will also give you coins as you level up.

* The best way to include the new hamster
Please click on the Hamster at the top of the screen. Then you can trade or put in a new hamster.
In case you want to promote the level of points, you can also trade for cheese.

* The way to change the decoration of the house
・ You can save coins and exchange coin furniture in the store.
・ Once acquired new decoration or furniture; It is possible to decorate this directly.

* Around Take a walk
It is very simple to play, just a variety of three blocks with the same color vertically or horizontally.
Then you can get cheese or coin or hamsters.

* Around occasion
Up to your degree, proper facet prepares many types of time.
Let's get the nice reward and accept the hamster.

* About the homepage
After completing the tutorial, you can choose a walk or a home mode.
It is possible to spend your life with hamster and never decorate the house.

* If you cannot start the program, restart the device and close the program.
* After you send us an email, please let us know the device you are using and your email address.


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  1. Money.


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