Download Heroes Guardian – Dark Genesis v1.0.8 MOD ( One Hit ) MOD

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 - Android

Heroes Guardian – Dark Genesis v1.0.8 – Heroes Guardian is following the RPG Degree with the epic narrative. You play as a mythical hero with mysterious abilities. Are you ready to start the epic experience? Create active hero groups, offer and upgrade weapons, fight in a unique tactical combat system with enemies and gruesome supervisors to level up and fight with other players around the world at the Arena. The fate of the planet is in mind.

A day of the whole world Valondale, the dark god of the underworld was resurrected from his long sleep. Together with the will to dominate the ground, Hell and Heaven to be under his power, he subsequently invades all the worlds along with his dark armed forces. Every corner he reaches, darkness to distribute there, in the city to nation from nation to nation. Now it's time to collect the heroes from around the world and measurements, to fight the bad guys and rescue the earth or perish trying. And you were their favorite.

– Craft Decks of tens of thousands of heroes
– Tactical turn-based battle
– tactical maneuvers with five different types of heroes
– Fusion and evolution of personalities
– Craft and Boost Items and Mythical Weapons

– Magnificent activity packed heroes of a different time and world
– 3D rendered maps and mythical boss
– Powerful and majestic skills
– Particular dynamic battlefield

– Adventurous maps and a vast number of amounts
– Conquer Valondale in Xtra Raids
– Conquer other players in the Arena
– Make rich benefits from the underworld

– Join friends via Facebook
– Ask friends who will help you beat the BOSS
– Challenge your friends in the Arena

Let us enjoy Guardian Heroes.


 Guardian of Heroes - Dark Genesis Screenshot 1 Heroes Guardian - Dark Genesis Screenshot 2 Heroes Guardian - Dark Genesis Screenshot 3 Heroes Guardian - Dark Genesis Screenshot 4


  1. A hit
  2. God's way.

NOTE: Equip items for mods to work with.
NOTE: Complete the tutorial before using the mod.


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