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Friday, April 12th, 2019 - Android

High Resolution Audio Recorder v0.10.76 – High quality audio recorder for high resolution audio recording. Voice recorder or complex field recorder (field recorder, 12-voice high quality voice changer for Cosplay and telephone recorder).

High quality audio recorder:
– Hi-Res multi-part WAV (capture more than 4GB file size)
– MP3

You will not find ads. MP3 is a paid resource. The WAV recorder and the OGG recorder are released (high-resolution recording can also be free).

Over 100 hours of continuous recording analyzed – more than 34 hours recording a single battery charge (Note 4).

WAV: High Resolution Audio Recording

– 16 bits / 32 bits
– 8kHz to 48kHz
– and – 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 172kHz, 192kHz for Marshmallow +

WAV employs all the capabilities of Android devices with high-resolution audio recognition.

Advanced Features

– Field Recorder (3-band Equalizer / Pitch)
– Noise Gate (paid attribute)
– Detect voice activity (paid attribute)
– Phone recorder (some car features are compensated)
– Voice Changer for Cosplay (attribute paid)

An improved version of Beautiful MP3 Recorder

This application enhances the design in our other program: Beautiful MP3 Recorder while maintaining the same features. For a list of features, visit the Description of the excellent MP3 Recorder:

The side buttons are transferred to the surface for a more extended appearance of Material Design. The folder buttons are in the upper left corner and the settings in the upper right corner. Some users prefer this edition of the program. The Effects, Tasks and Menu Overlap (which are left and right on the side of the screen – so the Recording Buttons are still observable) work as before, that is, they can be disregarded Pressing a blank area of ​​the overlay or pressing the button .


 Hi-res audio recorder Screenshot 1 High Resolution Audio Recorder Screenshot 2 Hi-res audio recorder Screenshot 3 Hi-Res Audio Recorder Screenshot 4


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