Download Home Design Dreams – Design My Dream House Games v1.2.5 ( Money )

Sunday, April 14th, 2019 - Android

Home Design Dreams – Design My Dream House Games v1.2.5 – Welcome to Home Design Dreams! Play the best three-dimensional puzzle game House Layout! Take pleasure in the game that unites the levels of vibrant matching puzzles using a home you restore, decorate and reform! Be the ideal room designer, helping blessed families in restoring their homes and fantasies to reality with beautiful home renovations! Many free fashions and furniture blends await you in-game! Solve the fun game of three jigsaw puzzles to help design, decorate and customize the dream house ideal with the beautiful bedroom decor. Make the right decisions, be it flip or flop. A lot of families are relying on you to re-establish their space down and out fixer uppers!

Game features:

* House Design: addictive puzzle game open. Various styles are available! Reform, assemble, produce and restore different people's homes on their own!
* Multiple stories: Different tales focus on unique men and women who move through different conditions in their own lives, making the story more intriguing! Go ahead, build and reformulate with all the experience narrative when designing your dream homes!
* Design, make, restore, mount, reverse, edit, remodel, create a simulation of designs from distinct rooms such as commissioned family rooms, contemporary kitchens, amazing bathrooms and stylish rooms! Convert flop layouts into fantastic decor layouts!
* Remodel house / house / castle interiors – contemporary or old school style area? Your art, your decor, your layout!
* Unlock Mysteries: More development would entail more unlocking of unique story pieces and much more decorating simulation!
* Express yourself with an incredible array of luxury interior decorating furniture, light decor, wood art flooring and other furniture or just avoid open space layouts on the flop!
* Try the addictive game simulation with offline mode, so it is possible to choose the match from the decoration of your home interior to the skies!
* Interesting game 3 Degrees: Hundreds of hard match-3 Degrees that have many awesome boosters. A more suitable challenge means more decoration and more fun simulation!
* Lively characters with interesting short stories: interesting and unique characters! Much more surprises!
* Multiple houses / house / castle: Not content to decorate or draw or build or restore just one home and only one story? We have several simulation houses that you build, reverse, design, create, decorate or create!
* Multiple It's been several centuries with the narrative: Different ages and unique moments, decorate a mansion or build a castle, or even a contemporary home several options and fun stories to unlock!
* Regular, fresh and free narrative content updates with new crafts challenges from interior layout, floor plans, landscaping, design, construction, decorating seasonal objects and more!

Let's fit in and move the old houses to fantastic places! You do not necessarily need to be a flipper or need to have any understanding of house building, pitching or designing.

What exactly are you waiting for? Let's start decorating today! Play with the dreams of home design! Time to reveal your designer gift for home design in the game! Take the reins and deliver your dream home to life today at no cost! Home Design Dreams is free to play a match. Get Free Today !!


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  1. Infinite money.
  2. Infinite Diamonds.
  3. All Stories Unlocked.



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