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Sunday, August 11th, 2019 - Android

Hydro Coach PRO – Drink Water v4.1.17 – Hydro Coach would be the very inspiring Water Drink Reminder and Tracker program of 2019

Drinking water is often a significant challenge in daily life. Hands up – are drinks enough for a single day? Hydro Coach can help you by calculating how much water you will need, monitoring what you consume, and lightly informing you when to drink. It's time to release water energy to improve your well-being as your well-being is worth it!

PRO Attributes:
⭐️ Endless diary. Go back to all the previous days in your journal.
Extras Extra monthly statistics and unlimited weekly statistics.
⭐️ More widgets (eg 1 × 1 widget for quick drink entries).
⭐️ Use hydration variables to specify how beverages are hydrated or dehydrated.
Rápida Fast and direct intake of each revelation.
⭐️ Export your beverage history to a CSV file.
⭐️ There are no ads.

Advantages of drinking water for your health:
It is an effective way to combat stress and fatigue.
Drinking enough water can cleanse your skin.
Drinking enough water can improve your wellbeing in a few days
It is advantageous for weight loss and also the basis of every specialized diet.
Drinking more water can relieve headaches.

Attribute Keys:
✅ Improve your health with private drink notifications
✅ Maintain optimal control of your water balance through a newly designed newspaper.
✅ Get a pictorial view of your custom drinking water with month and week numbers
Practical Wid Widgets Provide Transparent Water Consumption Advice
Personalizados Produce custom beverage volumes promptly
✅ Supports imperial units (fl. Oz.) And metric (ml)
✅ Discuss your water consumption with your friends.
✅ Sync with your Google Account
✅ Google Fit, Samsung Health and Fitbit

How it works:
Our formula calculates your perfect personal water condition based on numerous variables such as age, weight, gender and lifestyle. Select the Favored glass you usually use, and Hydro Coach can remind you to drink and drink.


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