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Friday, April 26th, 2019 - Android

hyperion v45 launcher “A caster is not just a house; It has to be an adventure.

We think not only should everyone deserve a Candy, a full featured Launcher with a lovely UX, but we also wanted it to be always up to date with the best Google offers at a steady rate, along with constantly new tweaks and customization choices that users want. without the swelling!

We've packed this launcher for us, bringing in the best features we love from various bombers located in the industry and producing a unified experience – we could all call this home. As usual, we have everything that is a normal pitcher3 The established pitcher has, however, more!


★ colors:
• Launcher and accentuation theme: having a theme elaborately elaborated by Manuel Möllmann (Deep Darkness Theme)
• drawer background; changes in brightness and scroll index
• background shade Dock
• folder background color
• search widget colors (drawer / dock)
• Wise widget colors

★ Iconography:
• The desktop icon, drawer, and dock will vary (icon size, label size, text color, text shadows, multiple lines)
• Flexible icon formation (briefly more contoured in Guru!)

★ Typography:
• Full launcher source change (Pro!)

★ interface:
• Programs: For folders, you can slide to start or hide the folder using a Main icon
• Icon Packages: See your icon pack instantly changes without stopping the actions!
• Hidden programs
• Overview menu items: correct what you need while pressing the home viewfinder
• Desktop lock (contains temporary unlock)
• scrolling wallpaper
• Status bar and navigation bar icon for coloring (wallpaper / dark / light)
• Changes in the background gradient
Drawer and dock drawer
• navigation bar screen
• Google Feed (Hyperion Dock)
• Custom Feed (Shortly)
• Recalling the program drawer position / Automatically closed
• Dock index / page style
• Lace and shadow fitting
• two-line dock
• Automatically hide the Icon Pack / Substratum and other panels (Pro!) Motif panels)

★ Grids:
• Desktop, Drawer and Dock

★ Widgets:
• Google search widget
• Google Smart Widget (Guru!): Does not require an activation / diversion plugin!

★ custom gestures (Guru!):
• One / two fingers twice, slide your finger

★ animations:
• launcher animation rate
• Application Launching Cartoon
• Fade on theft transition: Created by OxygenOS Launcher
• Rebound physics

★ Profile supervisor:
• Visual, always shows a view of how your setup is!
• Cloud sync (briefly for experienced users!)

Credits and acknowledgments:
We would like to give due to a huge amount of people who worked and donated along with our development group throughout the process!

Manuel Möllmann
Top Patches
Amir Zaidi
Even Kottmann / David Siedtmann (Lawnchair Team)

Permissions Summary:
Storage: We use room Only for wallpaper extraction for flexible colors and backup and restore profiles. We do not know of any other information or transmit some additional recognizable and non-identifiable information to a first, second or third party.
Calendar: to display only events on your desktop computer
Location: (Optional) For an automated climate reading on your desktop computer

This program uses the Device Administrator's consent for monitor lockout performance (optional)


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