Download Idle Defense : Dark Forest (Early Access) v1.0.0 MOD

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 - Android

Inactive Defense: Black Forest (Early Access) v1.0.0 – Due to a significant mistake, the inner magician burned half of this school of magic. No one can forgive this huge mistake. He had been banished from college and returned home.

Misfortunes never come alone. The ancestral seal amethyst has been crushed to pieces, and the creatures have been swarming with seal stone. The whole world went down to insanity. Hid's father left him with only one copy called “Turret Engineering”. “Aren't the newspapers for my tears? “, he believed.

Although he burned college for injury, he is so convinced of his charm. Protecting the village muggles, conserving his beautiful residence, and maintaining the peace of the land, he rises and begins to unfold the shield of dark forests.

[Idle Tower Defense Gameplay]
Build different types of battle towers and use the terrain benefits to conquer enemies. Several defense towers help you get the money through with plans promptly. Idle style available! Survive along with the towers!

[Summon Historical Demons as Attorneys ]
Use the crystal to summon ancient demons. The numerous types of demons give you combat efficiency. Once you are defeated, summon an ancient demon as your helper. There is no chance of getting rid of this particular battle.

[Time-Reversal Magic]
Use time reversal magic to return to first grade, earn more funds to improve yourself. Stay true to your work and sometimes return to the village. Excuse me? Just to keep materials and gold? Certainly not. Fight for your property!


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