Download Idle Planet Miner v1.1.18 ( Money )

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - Android

Idle Planet Miner v1.1.18 – If you like clicker and games, Idle Planet Miner is right for you! Idle Planet Miner is an incremental, digging and vague clicker game that lets you take charge of a mining boat and dive deep into the nuclei of the planets through the solar system! Just start by clicking on my rare metals. Hire exclusive mining supervisors, dig deep, sell materials, handmade metals and more! Upgrade your mining ship and planets to maximize your profits, dig up precious wealth and expand your own empire among the celebrities.

Digging for ore was no longer exciting! Harnesses to tighten upgrade your boat and planets and employ managers who will help you dig deeper, faster. Unlock a new recipe for crafts, new worlds and more! Create an empire that covers the celebrities!

Download now and start digging for ore Among the very addictive incremental clicker games! Dig your way through the celebrities!


Clicker gameplay idle
● Inactive to increase your mining speed!
● Enjoy to crush asteroids and make rare ore!
● Mine: Make coins and employ supervisors!

Incremental Updates
● Produce an Empire Rounding Up the Celebrities!
● Hire supervisors to improve your production!
● Evolve your grinding strategy! Unlock exceptional designs to increase your output!

Upgrade your Mining Ship
● Realize the Marketplace: React to demand and supply around the world to maximize profits!
● Search for specific projects and win!
● The benefits to permanently upgrading your mining boat are everywhere!

Inactive Mining
● Earn coins and ore when you're not enjoying it
● Quests – complete missions to earn premium rewards

Idle Planet Miner is the best clicker / idle incremental game for fun lovers Unlimited. Get lost in the afternoon looking for ore, rare metals, coins and more!

Idle Planet Miner – Dig your way through the celebrities!



  1. Money.



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