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Sunday, August 4th, 2019 - Android

Impala v4.8 widgets – Impala Widgets for Kwgt is my next set of meticulously created widgets.

The program is initially set up with 7 * tasteful widgets
Now with * 74 *
Also includes a weather icon offer package
The program will “Update more and more new widgets to a maximum of 160 * widgets”.
This is not a standalone program. Impala widgets for Kwgt Pro need the Kwgt Maker (free version) and Kwgt PRO KEY (paid version) apps.

What you want:

✓ Kwgt Maker Program
✓ Kwgt PRO KEY Program
✓ Custom launcher as N. Launcher

The way to configure:

✓ Download the Impala Widgets Kwgt program, download Kwgt Maker and Kwgt PRO KEY. “
✓ Press and hold home screen and choose Kwgt Widget
✓ Choose Kwgt widget
✓ Take advantage of the widget and select Impala widget to configure Kwgt, resize to appropriate size in widget
✓ Ready Enjoy your new display desktop computer!
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.
ℹ Particular thanks to Maria Ps, Saro Rindone, Nic Olas and Unsplash for their beautiful wallpapers

ℹ Due to Pngtree for the courtesy of using some of your fabulous photos

ℹ Predator Haley Credits for App Growth


impala widgets screenshot Screenshot 1screenshot impala widgets Screenshot 2impala widgets screenshot Screenshot 3impala widgets screenshot Screenshot 4


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