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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 - Android

Infamous machine 1.2 APK for Android

Malicious machine Android Adventure is a game
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Kelvin and The Infamous Machine are a ridiculous adventure on the point and click on it and you go through a strange path through legendary geniuses to complete your masterpieces!

Kelvin is a research assistant to Dr. Edwin Lupine, a wonderful but stupid physicist whose work in life, a shower-like time machine, disseminates the scientific community. Leaving his name aside, Lupine begins the past to prevent the greatest genius in history from completing his definition work, so that HE can complete it.

Now it's starting to light up the same part of the time, and Kelvin and Lise's collaborative research assistants figure it out. Point and click the path of your three bad chapters, drawn and beautifully to help Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci to increase their goals!

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