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Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 - Android

The latest apk update this time with category Art & Design titled Infinite Painter v6.3.38, you can download from the link below, may be useful for you.

We are not Sketchbook.
We are not Photoshop.
We are not procreating.
We are Infinite painter.

Top Brushes – The most advanced painting engine on tablets
• 80+ natural brush presets
• Create new brushes
• Change brush settings easily
• Brushes interact realistically with paper textures

Top Tools – A place for everything
• Experiment with four types of symmetry
• Photoshop layers and blending modes
• Create clean tabbed lines: Line, Ellipse, Pen, Lazy, and Protractor
• Draw 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides
• Selection and clipping masks

Upper Interface – Everything in its place
• It's simple. It is organized. It is out of the way.
• Organized workflows:
Paint – Sketch, paint and merge
Clone – Turn a photo into a painting
To edit – Adjust color, Dissolve, Pattern, Crop, or add a filter
• Move your favorite tools to the top bar for faster access.

Advanced Features
• Transform multiple layers simultaneously
• Transform tool: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Distort and Skew
• Create seamless patterns with the Pattern tool
• Liquify tool: Move, Bloat, Pinch, Swirl or Ripple
• gradient and pattern fill
• reference images
• Rotate and flip the screen

Import and export
• Import and export PSD layers
• Add images from Gallery, Camera, or search the web
• Export images as JPEG, PNG, PSD or ZIP
• Share with the Infinite Painter, PEN.UP or Instagram community
• Search millions of colors, palettes and patterns via ColourLovers

Artworks provided by:
Constantine Rotkevich
Piotr Kann
Diane Kay



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