Download Lapse 2: Before Zero v1.0.4 ( Skills )

Thursday, April 11th, 2019 - Android

Lapse 2: Before zero v1.0.4 – Lapse 2: Ahead Zero is the official prequel to Lapse: A Forgotten future. What you here means, Somehow, you are successful in your quest to save the planet – or to ruin it. It does not matter which, as you will travel out of a future world for the earliest times. The person who was previously president is currently pharaoh, the person who was once a system is currently the valuable ally in the struggle to come.

When you open your eyes, the whole year is 1750 BC, and the location is historical Egypt. For some unknown reason, this mysterious property requires your help. Proceed with caution: what may seem like judgment to another domain, may well be the secret to the survival of the planet.

Lapse 2: Ahead of Zero answers the players' questions, showing the mysteries of this first chapter.

Languages ​​currently supported: English, Italian, Russian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Czech, Arabic, Slovak, German, and Greek.


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