Download Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter v2.2.1 ( Unlimited Ammo )

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Android

Left to survive: PvP Zombie Shooter v2.2.1 "Grab your weapons and give your courage to resist.

Risk lurks everywhere. Avoid zombies with grenades, shotguns, shotguns and anything in your toolbox to secure shelters and rescue survivors. Build your camp to protect yourself from attacks. Visit the helicopter and place waste on enemy bases to slide your resources. Fight against other players in group and solo multiplayer tournaments – the band along with other factions.

Kill Hordes of Zombies
Save lands and purge areas with a bunch of guns with firepower

Destroy The Bases Of A Helicopter
Visit the helicopter and drop a bullet storm at your opponent's base.

Intensive PvP
Are zombies deadly? Test your survival skills against players in 2v2 and solo games

Challenge zombie bosses
Protect yourself against zombies that explode with gas, use authority armor or polish

Build and customize your base
Build, customize and protect your camp from factions and zombies. Find predators, pillage substances, and group to conquer a post-apocalyptic world.

Left to Survive is completely free to introduce yourself but you may decide to pay cash for some additional products.



  1. Unlimited ammunition.
  2. No reload.


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