Download Legend of Solgard v1.8.1 ( Unlimited Energy ) MOD

Friday, April 26th, 2019 - Android

Legend of Solgard v1.8.1 – In this Exceptional RPG, Fight Enemies and Supervisors with All Monsters that you
Collect, upgrade your hero skills and take the treasure of the Norse legend!

Combine Embla within your epic struggle to stop the end of the worlds and place it as among Solgard's strongest heroes. Use strategy to fight hordes of ice enemies in the Hero Arena, keep rewards at legendary villains, conquer epic bosses and win the war against evil to be a true legend of Solgard.

Solgard is turning into the sunlight, his monsters stuck in ice crystals and his worlds turning into ice hockey. Ragnarok, the end of this world has begun, and only Embla can fight it. With the forces of the sun goddess, it is up to Embla to collect an army of monsters and collectively, fight and conquer the icy evil that threatens Solgard …

Grow An army of monsters, investigate the worlds of Solgard and win the war Against eternal frost, one conflict at a time, when you discover the secrets of the Norse legend! In this epic new RPG, strategy and title animals would be the best features you master at the stadium.

In this RPG experience:
• Test your skills and fight other Hero Arena personalities
Form guilds along with other players and fight together to fight against epic guild bosses.
Collect treasures and allies of the Norse legend
• Grow and strengthen your hero and military
• Use strategies and techniques to combat an army of monsters
Build your hero with divine powers
• Fight creatures and epic dream directors

The war to prevent Ragnarok has begun and each battle will need its best strategy.
Why are you prepared to fight epic battles and enter the pantheon of ancient Solar personalities? Download this new RPG today and be part of that legend!

Legend of Solgard is free to play, but some discretionary things in the game will require payment.


 Legend of Solgard Screenshot 1 Legend of Solgard Screenshot 2 Legend of Solgard Screenshot 3 Legend of Solgard Screenshot 4


  1. Unlimited Energy
  2. Fatal shooting.


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