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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 - Android

Fade Dragons! v3.20.0 – Discover legends of dragons, magic, quests, and also a key land of fun and puzzle in the realm of Merge Dragons! Where you can combine everything into bigger and stronger items for your travels.

In a mysterious world hidden among the clouds, the valley of Dragonia flourished. Subsequently, the evil zombies throw away through the valley. The only hope to heal the soil rests on its magical ability to match anything – dragon eggs, trees, temples, celebrities, beautiful flowers and even mythical creatures.

Combine the eggs with useful hatching dragons and then evolve them to find stronger dragons! Find and solve challenging amounts of Enigmas: adjust the Gaia dolls to triumph, then bring benefits to Your Camp to accumulate and grow.

Combine more with daily quests and benefits with Kala. Engage in new themes every two weeks Using a cool mystery you conclude – can you also fit and collect the new dragons?

Discover why you find your camp to perfection and nurture your dragons in Merge Dragons!


== Match Objects ==
• Discover over 500 strange objects to fit in and interact with 81 fights!
• Drag items freely around the beautiful world and fit one type for more exceptional products!
• Combine Life Essence and tap it to unleash the ability to heal the valley!
• Find the Gaia figures trapped in the accursed land of each apartment. Combine them to solve the mystery and make a living!

== Collecting New Dragon Races ==
• Discover 37 new dragon races residing in the valley and evolve through 8 expansion stages for new dragons!
• Match the eggs to hatch the useful dragons that run through the valley and pick up items that you combine or use.

== Complicated puzzles ==
• Almost 900 missions to challenge your thoughts!
• Test your puzzle-solving skills in over 180 large quantities filled with new quests and benefits that will help you build your dragon camp!
• Combine virtually anything – crops, plants, diamonds, decorations, fallen stars, magical objects, mythical animals and more! How many combinations can you create from more than 1600 items that come before you?
• Discover hidden quantities – how can you find all of them?
• On your journey of mystery, you can intersect with evil zombies. Be careful and be cautious!

== Camp Building ==
• The evil fog has taken the biggest field, fights the fog and heals the property to restore and bring the dragons back to the house!
Collect the dragons' eggs, trace them in the first camp and make the dragon's ability to fight the evil fog.

Download now and find where Merge Dragons! He'll get you!

Fade Dragons! It's brought to you by Gram Games, the studio behind the 1010 best names! Blown! Six! Bounzy! , Merging City! , Merge Farm! , Paint tower! and mix yolks!

It is optimized for pills. Can be run without online connection.


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