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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 - Android

Evolution of the monster: hit and smash v2.0.0 "Are you interested in envy, intriguing to crush and clutter?" Do not break it, but sweep entire cities? Then you will surely enjoy our epic game Killer Evolution: strike and crush! Feel the role of a dino monster, who has managed to evolve in huge proportions and today hangs cars, trees, buildings and everything that matches him on the road.

Whence this monster came, it is likely, not clear, perhaps it was created due to radiation, and this sea monster evolves and becomes more powerful and more powerful each day. Evolution does not pass in vain – that the dino monster introduced to the immense energy a new detrimental regime. Turn on the rage and turn into an invincible aggressive monster, crush everything on the way! Shoot down buildings, destroy houses in pieces with a huge creature in a precise simulator of destruction!

Who, in fact, is that unbelievable monster chooses for yourself. Maybe this is a dinosaur from the Jurassic period, possibly a dragon, or even an alien hunter. Who he was not – he seems epic, even more, heroic than any dinosaur of all known dinosaur games.

The game employs a realistic physical model of jealousy, so it is very intriguing and attractive to destroy buildings and other items! Everything that can be accomplished in one degree could be ruined – cars, houses, trees, boats, gas stations, cargo cranes and even much more.

The main features of the game:
– Realistic physics of jealousy
– Modern and amazing 3d images
– Many unique values ​​of manually generated games
– Detailed and realistic dino monster looks and beautiful background music
– Unique and intriguing gameplay

In the game there are countless ways to spend amounts – this is a quest for your time and style of free play. Proceed through the missions to get some time to open different grades, play a complementary match to make additional funds. Features you have to raise the ability of this dinosaur creature, and rather short to the tools, you can change the overall look of the dinosaur and maybe even open new ones! Wait for updates – soon you are awaiting new places, new styles, new creatures and many intriguing items!

Forward to ruin, break and break! Arrrrghghhh!


 Monster Evolution: Beat and Crush Screenshot 1 Monster Evolution: Hit and Break Screenshot 2 Monster Evolution: Hit and Break Screenshot 3 Monster Evolution: Beat and Crush Screenshot 4


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