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Monday, August 5th, 2019 - Android

OTTplay IPTV v1.7.6 – Watch your favorite movies, cartoons, TV shows and apps from your provider on your TV computer, tablet or phone!

Available resources:
– Live and background streams (files, if the playlist supports this purpose);
– You can add an infinite number of M3U playlists;
– You can add unlimited amount of XML EPGs;
– Support for different streams (HLS, UDP, RTMP and many others);
– Screening and hunting available;
– Pause and rewind are working properly (if fund can be obtained), time shifting is encouraged;
– You can view, pause and rewind the air, which is currently in the air (if the bottom is accessible);
– When you start the application, the air will last from the moment the program was closed (if history is available);
– In incoming calls / messages, transmission will cease and continue automatically after the end of the dialogue;
– And much more…

The program is simply a participant and does NOT include any preset stations.
To see, you have to put in a playlist of your provider.

Have a good note!


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