Download Phantom Hearts: Romance You Choose v1.0.0 ( No ruby )

Sunday, April 14th, 2019 - Android

Ghost Hearts: Romance You Choose v1.0.0 "Your parents have been set to go to Japan, but you decide to go back to a hometown after ten decades off. Some parts of this city have changed; some do not. Ten years ago, you left your best friend crying and heartbroken. What will happen when you return?

The College you registered seems reasonable in the beginning. 2 Sisters quickly disturb you – one who is lively and courageous and the other who is timid and calm. They leave you with a little secret: maybe not everything from college is what it seems. The calm facade in college is just hiding the scars and horrors beneath. A tragedy happened in college not too long ago, and it looks like you fell in the middle of it.

You reunited with your childhood friend with Grown in a beautiful girl. This happiness does not last long, however. An innocent trip to an abandoned school building becomes a living nightmare because of his actions. With piling bodies and rumors of ghosts haunting the halls, what do you do to help your college and rescue your friends? The three beauties may be able to help, but does anyone have the ability to make sure all of you do it on the outside?

■■ characters ■■

◆ Chloe

"I was not sure if you would remember me, but I'm glad you're doing it. I really missed you …

Chloe Is the childhood friend you have not seen in a few years. She's been alone since you left but you're back, she's trying to reconnect. She is usually sweet, but you are the only person who can bring out a multitude of emotions. Can you find what's in the bottom of your heart?

◆ Rita

"I saw things, then you go today you are here. I will protect my sister and this college regardless of what.

Rita It is your energetic and enthusiastic woman who adores you on your first day. She is Anna's older sister and always does her best to protect her loved ones. She is very brave and follows you in whatever experience or puzzle you encounter. Are you able to keep her protected from her reckless behavior?


"I'll be honest … I'm scared, but I'm more afraid of being alone than helping to figure out what's going on."

Anna is Rita's younger sister and is a shy, tender soul. She is often frightened by the risk, but does her best to try to help him solve the puzzle involving college. Along with the assistance, she could find more assurance. Can you help her recognize that she is brave enough to face her fears?


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  1. No ruby ​​consumed for premium choices (work from the second time you choose)



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